Funded 11/26/2021
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Temporary Loss of Income

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This person has left the following thank you note:

I want to thank each and every donor who voted to fund my request for help. I appreciate every individual involved in funding us. This help came in right on time. I literally just found out on top of everything else going on the transmission went out on my wife�s car. This approval was God sent! I am so grateful for modest needs and the wonderful that have assisted my family.

After Our Heat Went Out, We Have to Choose Between Vital Home Repairs & Our Mortgage! Please Help.

My Story:

I'm a married father, and my wife and I have three small children. Our oldest is 8 years old, and he's extremely intelligent, loves science, and despite my best efforts, he's becoming a gamer. Our 2-year-old daughter is a lovely ball of sweet energy built from pure sugar, rare spice, and everything nice! She's a joy to be around, and I know she's going to go on to do great things. Our youngest daughter is just 6 months old, and she's teething, so we like to say her occupation of choice is professional drooling. Our lives are dedicated to our children, and we both work hard to provide for them. I'm a pest control worker, and my wife is a social worker.

We've always made just enough to get by, and everything that we have leftover goes towards paying off our debts. We have very little in savings and have been facing some tight financial situations lately. First, our heater stopped working on the basement level where our children sleep, so we've had to work on getting that repaired so that they can have their space back safely. Then, about a month ago, we realized that we have a gas leak in our stove; however, that wasn't the end of our problems because a week later, our hot water went out. There's no way we're going to be able to make our monthly bills while also getting these repairs done, so we're humbly asking for help with our most vital monthly bill, our mortgage.

My wife and I have both picked up second, part-time jobs in order to try to keep up and get these repairs done before the winter begins in full, but we're still going to come up just short of what we need to pay our mortgage. We're worried that falling behind could ruin our credit, or worse, that it could lead to us losing our home. We worked hard to secure a home for our family, and it would be truly devastating to lose it, and I don't know how we would ever recover. With this help, we'd be able to keep our home and make these repairs happen, and for that, we would be forever grateful. Thank you in advance for showing us kindness and compassion when we needed it most.

As of 2021-11-26, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.