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After My Husband Was Diagnosed with Brain Cancer, We Need Help Keeping Our Home Please.

My Story:

My husband and I have been married for over 40 years, and we have a very large family with lots of grandkids and even some great grandkids! We love spending time with our family, and we are so happy to have added four more granddaughters and a great-grandson who turned one in August. My husband has been having some health problems recently, and those began when he started to have trouble gripping things in his left hand. Throughout the day, it started to get worse, and it got to the point where we had to take him to the hospital out of fear that he was having a stroke. At the hospital, after the CT, they determined he had a golf ball size tumor in the right side of his brain. That following Thursday, the first week of September, he had surgery to remove the mass and sent samples to pathology. On the 16th of September the oncologist informed us that he has terminal brain cancer.

We have recently started chemo and radiation therapy, and the copays are really taking a toll on us. We're both retired and live on Social Security, so anything outside of our monthly expenses is usually too much to handle. Our children help us as much as they can, and we're very grateful to them, but we're still falling short on some of our major bills as we try to deal with the copays related to my husband's chemotherapy.

We're on the verge of losing our home, and it couldn't come at a more damaging time for my family. My husband is weeks into a dangerous battle with cancer, but on top of that, we have to worry about whether or not we're going to be able to keep our home. The weight of our situation can feel crushing, but still, we are keeping faith and hope alive as much as we possibly can during a time like this. With that being said, I know we're going to need help if we're going to keep our home, so I'm reaching out for assistance with our mortgage.

Truly, I can't even begin to describe how much this assistance would mean to my family. We'd be able to keep our home and in doing so, you would be providing peace for my husband. He is doing everything he can to make sure that I'm taken care of when this journey takes a turn, so being able to hold onto to our home thanks to your assistance would help put him at ease. I want to finish by saying thank you to everyone who helps give the gift of peace and comfort to my family as we go through such a difficult time. We will always hold the people who help us close to our hearts.

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