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I'm an Essential Worker, but After Losing Hours & Isolating due to COVID, I Need Rent Help Please!

My Story:

I'm a mother of three, and I also have a very young grandson as well. My children are all older and only one of them still lives at home with me. My 22-year-old is living with me while working and going to college, but when he graduates, he'll be looking to move out and start a career. Even though my children have grown up and moved out, I try to spend as much time with them as I can when I'm not working.

Currently, I'm working an essential worker at a hotel, and I really love my job and working with our guests. The pandemic has been tough on our industry, and while I'm thankful to have been able to keep my job, I have lost a lot of hours to COVID. I'm down to working part-time right now which has caused me to really struggle. However, the biggest blow came when my fiance lost his job to COVID in November of last year. The stress of that situation caused us to split up, and now I'm left to take care of all of our financial responsibilities on my own. Recently, I tested positive for COVID and had to isolate without pay for two weeks. Thus far, I've been able to just barely scrape by using stimulus money, some help from my family, and my savings; but I can no longer rely on those things, and I'm really in a desperate situation now.

This month, I'm going to come up short on my rent, and if that happens, I'll almost certainly be evicted because I'm already a month behind. On top of that, my car has recently broken down, and I don't have any way of paying for the repairs and my rent simultaneously. Paying my rent would mean going without my car but going without paying my rent would mean losing my home. I'm stuck in a difficult place, so I'm asking for assistance with my rent in order to get me out of a situation where both sets of consequences will have a dire effect on my future. Getting this help would effectively save my home and my job, and for that, I would be deeply appreciative. I promise to never forget the kindness and generosity that I'm shown, and I want to thank all of the people who lend me a hand with keeping my home.

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