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I'm a Disabled Veteran that Needs Help Having My Hot Water Heater Repaired Please!

My Story:

I'm a grandmother of three beautiful grandkids who are living with me now after they were in foster care for a little over a year. Being able to give them a home has truly been a blessing, and I'm overjoyed to have gotten them out of foster care and into a stable, loving home. They are my first and only priority. My son is also currently living with me as well, and typically he is able to work to supplement our income and to relieve pressure by paying some of our bills.

I'm a disabled veteran and earn a very modest income that allows me to live paycheck to paycheck barring serious unexpected expenses or hardship. The past few months have been extremely difficult for my family. On the Fourth of July, my son and his three children were involved in a serious auto accident. The children are okay, but my son remains out of work due to his injuries and is only receiving short-term disability benefits in the meantime. We usually rely on his income to pay some of our smaller bills, so our budget has been stretched thin lately, and we've been struggling. Then, in late August, our water heater ruptured and caused flooding in our home. The insurance company covered the flood damage, but it won't cover the cost to repair our hot water heater. With winter approaching and with my son still out of work, we desperately need to have our water heater repaired, but we won't have any way of affording it until it's too late.

Not having hot water during the colder months of the year would not only be dangerous to us, but it could also lead to lasting damage in our home if our pipes get too cold and then burst. This assistance would get us through a very difficult period, and once my son can return to work, we'll be able to save up some extra income for emergencies. Until then, we would be extremely grateful for this assistance and will do everything we can to pay the kindness and generosity we are shown forward to another family in need.

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