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I'm Battling Cancer & Need Help Keeping Our Car Insurance so That I Can Get to My Doctor Safely!

My Story:

My wife and I both live with our adult daughter who helps us both tremendously. My wife is a breast cancer survivor and currently is unable to work. I'm also unemployed after being laid-off due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We can't afford to live on our own right now because we don't have any income, and I was also recently diagnosed with cancer. In short, the prognosis is not good, and I'm unable to work as a result.

My wife and I try to handle as many bills as we can, but basically everything we are receiving in terms of unemployment is going straight to the bills for my chemotherapy, leaving us unable to pay for other monthly expenses. We don't have rent to pay because we live with our daughter, but we do have our car insurance and cell phone bills to pay. Neither my wife nor I can work, so we don't have any way of catching up on bills that we fall behind on, and right now, we're significantly behind on both or cell phone and car insurance bills. We desperately need help before we lose our phone service and before our car insurance lapses.

Keeping both of these bills up to date is vital to my health because I need my phone to keep in touch with my doctors while I undergo chemotherapy, and we need to be able to drive our car safely to and from my treatments. I'm worried about the negative impact losing these two services will have on my health, so that's why we're asking for this assistance. Your generous and kind help would allow me to continue to receive treatments that will help me battle against cancer. My family will never forget this assistance, and I would like to thank everyone who helps us out of this difficult spot with our car insurance and phone bills.

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