Paid 07/13/2021
COVID-19 Essential Worker
Temporary Loss of Income

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This person has left the following thank you note:

User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeGood Evening, First let me say thank God because things have not seemed to have been going the best. However, When I seen this email I realized God is always on time. I want to thank God for using you all to help me and my daughter. I am all she has and I am very grateful that the help is coming. I want to thank you all for even taking the time to think of those in need. The bible says it is more of a blessing to give than to receive. And we thank you for living the golden rule. As you have blessed us please believe we will bless other as we can as well. Thank you again for helping my daughter and I. God Bless you all.

I Work Hard to Give Foster Children a Permanent Home, but COVID Has Us in Danger Of Losing Ours!

My Story:

I am a single mother of a wonderful 8-year-old daughter. She loves art, reading, and swimming and does very well in school. I work full time as a tech with the DFCS in Columbus, and I work with foster parents and other districts to place children in homes and recruit new foster parents. I love my job, and every day I feel great about waking up and going to work to help children who don't have anyone else to fight for them.

While I love what I do, we have always pretty much lived paycheck to paycheck, and I've always had a hard time taking care of our bills during months where I can't pick up extra hours. We always manage to make it through one bad month, but due to COVID, I've faced a string of bad months all in a row. Just when it seems like we're getting back on track, my hours will dip, or an unexpected expense will creep up on us. I'm doing the best that I can for me and my daughter, but I need help with our rent, or else we're going to be homeless.

This assistance would bring our rent current and would get us back on track. If we can get caught back up on rent, I'll be able to weather a bad month more easily in the future because the pandemic is winding down and my hours are returning to normal again. My tax return is also still processing, and once that arrives, I'll be able to put that away to use for a rainy day fund. We're on the verge of making it through this string of bad months, but on the flip side of that, we're also dangerously close to losing our home. I'm all that my daughter has, and she's counting on me to be able to keep our home. I can't let her down, and that's why I'm humbly asking for assistance with our rent for this month. Thank you all for taking the time to consider us and for your kindness and generosity in advance.

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Application Status Update: On 2021-07-15, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $825.01 to Georgia Power//Midtown Property Mgmt LLC on behalf of this deserving individual.