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My Mother & I Are Recovering From COVID & Need Urgent Help with Our Utilities to Keep Our Home!

My Story:

Currently, I live with my mother who is 79 years old, and I was working at an Amazon warehouse until recently. I had to stop working there after experiencing severe symptoms of Covid-19, and at the same time I had to care for my mother who was also extremely sick due to Covid-19. Life has been really tough for us since then and paying our rent and utility bills have become a huge burden for us.

After I had to stop working at Amazon, the situation has gotten out of control. I urgently need help with our bills because we could lose everything while trying to recover from COVID, and I can't imagine what my elderly mother would do if we were tossed out on the street. I've been able to manage one bill or the other but not both after losing my job. Therefore, I'm asking for help with our electric bill because if we can get that expense taken care of, then we'll be able to get back on track with our rent.

This incredibly kind assistance would help us avoid homelessness, and it would buy us time to physically recover from the virus as well. I'm searching for a new job that will give us enough to keep a roof over our heads, and I'm getting close. In the meantime, we would be so grateful for help with our electricity bill because we'd be able to make it through this while keeping our home. Thank you all for your kindness and consideration.

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