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Temporary Loss of Income

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Thank you all for your general donations. I couldn�t thank you all enough for helping me and my son. This money is use to help cover my rent light expense for me and my son to have a place lay our heads. I am very grateful that you all decided to help us in our time of need. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Once again thank you again for you all generous support. We love you all.

My Son is In the NICU & I Need Help Making Sure He Has a Home to Come Back to!

My Story:

I recently gave birth to my son just under two weeks ago. It was a difficult pregnancy that ended with us having to go through an emergency C-Section, but I'm relieved that he's here and that things are beginning to look up. He's still in the NICU but should be able to return home relatively soon, and I'll feel so relieved when he does. I can't wait to just enjoy life with him and teach him all about the world.

I feel blessed to be a mother, but my pregnancy was complicated, and on top of that, I wasn't able to work due to COVID. I was working limited hours due to COVID, but I've been on bedrest since January and haven't been able to work at all since then. I've been receiving unemployment benefits, but those haven't been enough to cover more than my smaller bills like my utilities and internet. I'm having a lot of trouble keeping up with my rent, and I'm scared that if I can't catch up soon, then my newborn won't have a home to return to when he leaves the NICU.

Losing your home can be devastating at any point in your life, but I couldn't think of a worse, more vulnerable time to lose my home than after just becoming a mother after a complicated pregnancy. I'll be able to return to work soon, and I'll be able to effectively provide for us when I do, but until then, I need help making sure my son has a home to come back to when he leaves the hospital. This would be a huge blessing to me and my baby boy, and it would allow him to grow up in a loving and stable home so that he can have a good a joyful life. I will never forget the people who help us keep our home, and I will always remain grateful to you all for the kindness and generosity you have shown us during this incredibly trying time.

As of 2021-07-15, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2021-07-22, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,739.30 to Madison Park Apartments on behalf of this deserving individual.