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I Was Laid-off & Then Injured in a Car Accident! Please Help My Family with My Medical Bills!

My Story:

I'm a married father, and my wonderful wife and I have two beautiful kids together. Our oldest is our 13-year-old son, and our youngest is our 12-year-old daughter. Our son is a big anime fan, and our daughter really enjoys dancing. When my wife and I aren't working, I love to listen to motivational sermons, and my wife loves to read, sew, and do Zumba classes. We've done our best to stay strong through this pandemic, and our faith as well as the kindness of other has truly kept us going. The strength of my family has truly been remarkable, and we have a bond that keeps us together through thick and thin.

My wife and I have always worked to provide for our family, and prior to the pandemic, we were making a good living at our jobs. But when the pandemic began, we were abruptly laid-off, and we've really struggled since then. During these hard times, my family has been hit exceptionally hard. I lost my brother during the pandemic, and my siblings and I had to come together to pay for the funeral costs which has been difficult to afford with nothing but unemployment coming in. In addition to those costs, two days before the funeral, I was severely injured after being hit at a stop sign. We're still paying the medical bills from that incident, and it's been difficult to recover. Just when I thought things couldn't get any more difficult, I ended up with Covid-19 and have had a difficult time recovering from that as well. Without work, my family doesn't have any way to take care of this medical bill because I lost my insurance when I lost my job, so I'm asking for help with paying this medical bill before it brings my family to financial ruin.

All in all, we've really been struggling lately. We've had to resort to local food pantries to find enough to eat, but the demand at those has been so high that it's difficult to even find food there. We're facing hard times and an uphill battle, but I know that with a push in the right direction, we'll be able to get back on track again. I have faith that our future is brighter than the present and that we can return to a place where we are able to provide for our family. I don't know how I could ever truly repay help of this magnitude, but I promise that every day I will try.

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