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My Family Needs Help Keeping Up with Our Rent After I Lost My Job to COVID!

My Story:

I'm a mother of three beautiful girls, and my husband and I are currently separated and have been for some time now. My girls are amazing, and they're very creative and love to spend time together making different arts and crafts. We've had our struggles this past year, but I'm proud of my family for showing resilience and adaptability in the face of some pretty overwhelming odds. No matter what, my daughters and I have always stuck together and have been able to turn to each other for support in the hardest of times.

I spent 13 years working in the hospitality industry as a sales coordinator, and it shaped me into who I am and gave me longtime friends and mentors. However, at the beginning of the pandemic, I was laid-off from my position and have not returned to work since then. I'm doing my best to seek out new job opportunities while also caring for my children and trying to keep a roof over our heads, and I haven't had any luck finding anything yet.

Recently, our situation has gone from barely manageable to a complete crisis. My unemployment claim recently expired, and it's going to take weeks until I can get those benefits renewed. As a result, I'm worried we're going to fall behind on our rent this month, and if that happens, I don't know how we'll ever catch up.

I'm worried that getting too far behind would cause us to incur so many late fees that we could never afford to pay back what we owe on our rent. This could lead to us being evicted even if I can manage to find a job. That's why I'm humbly asking for help with our rent for this coming month. It will keep a roof over our heads for the foreseeable future and will buy me more time to find work as things reopen again.

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