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We've Lost Work to COVID & an Internet Outage & Need Help with a Medical Bill Please!

My Story:

Throughout my life I have struggled and been through a lot of difficult times. That really all changed three years ago when I met a hard-working wonderful person, and now I'm proud to call her my wife. I am also a mother to a wonderful son who I was separated from for 8 years. He welcomed me back into his life graciously, and since then, I have been the best mother I could possibly be to him. He didn't have me or his father growing up, but he persevered and graduated high school and is attending college. He's the first in our generation to do so. I've also been blessed with a wonderful brother who has stuck by me through thick and thin to always make sure I stay on the right track. He's also been a wonderful role model to my son. I can say that for the first time in my life, my family is stable and happy.

Over the course of two years, our income has shrunk and then grown, only to be virtually wiped out by Covid-19. A year after the company that my brother was working for closed, he managed to find a job only to be laid-off three months later due to Covid-19. My wife and I managed to find work remotely for a call center; however, the internet service in our area is extremely poor, so we have been struggling to work consistently as a result. She's managed to find work driving for delivery services, but that just hasn't brought in much income. Our internet has been out for almost a month now, and the problem has caused us to lose out on a ton of income. On top of that, I fell extremely ill in June of last year and had to be hospitalized just three days after our wedding. We're still paying off medical bills from that period, and that's my biggest concern currently.

We're asking for assistance with this medical bill before it goes to collections and ruins our credit. We're working hard to maintain current balances on al of our expenses, but this bill just has been too much for us to handle. I'm worried that this bill could ruin our credit, but I know that down the line if our wages are garnished to pay it, then we'll have a hard time of paying our rent and other bills as well. I've struggled with asking for help when I needed it in the past, and I've learned lessons from that. That is why I'm asking for help now because I know that it will save my family from harm. Thank you for your understanding and compassion during our time of need.

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