Paid 04/29/2021
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Urgent Dental Care
Medical Emergency

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI opened the daily email from modest needs and honestly I was expecting it to still say 1203 points to go, as it had for about 2 weeks, and I was losing hope. When I realized it was an email telling me I had been funded I burst into tears. Not sad tears, but tears of joy, of overcoming and especially tears of renewed hope for the future. I am so very thankful for each one of you that donated because you are the reason I will not only retain my independence but I will also remember this act of kindness and selflessness when I am successful enough to help others the way you have helped me. Its been rough, more than I ever fathomed when I packed my bags and loaded my things and my 2 fur babies into my vehicle and left him. The same way the bruises faded, so are the chains he had locked around my self esteem, my courage and my will to live a happy life free of violence and manipulation. He no longer controls me because for once in the last decade of my life I am doing all of it on my own. My outlook on life is sunny, my eyes are clear and sparkle and you can tell that there is a proud woman inside of me now and I am so ready to take on the world! The cycle of abusive is so sad because I kept going back time and again as do so many other survivors of domestic abuse. I got so clever at hiding my bruises with layers upon layers of makeup and had my excuses memorized and rehearsed for why I was yet again black and blue or in a cast. Its been beautiful not having to avoid the friends I still have after leaving him. And not going back to him for financial stability has been the most empowering situation because this help you have given me let my roots really take hold as an independent woman. My ex has tried to offer his assistance because he knows I am in a vulnerable spot in my life away from him but I had the courage to say no, that I would rather be in pain and trust in God than go back to him at the cost of my safety, sanity and happiness. I don't think I would make it out if I went back again, it got that bad. Your help came just in time also, I prayed to God and asked if I would be able to stay afloat and have my surgery and the next day I got a call from the surgeon saying they had a last minute cancellation and since they knew I was in quite a bit of pain they asked if I would like the spot. Knowing that was a sign from God I said yes and had the operation, paying for it with my bill money knowing I would not be able to pay those bills if this help from you guys didn't come through. I am still healing and my jaw did fracture a little during the operation due to a fracture I had already acquired prior to my decision to leave, but I am already in virtually no pain and I am smiling more and more daily!! This has been a lesson for me about trusting in Gods plan for me and also about renewing my faith in humanity. I plan to pay it forward one day, because this is something I will never forget, I would like to be able to make a difference like this in someone else's life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Always grateful, yours truly, Hannah.

I Left an Abusive Relationship Behind, and I Need Help Affording a Dental Bill Please!

My Story:

I am 29 years old, single and have recently finally found myself after ending a toxic long term relationship. I am an avid photography enthusiast. I love listening to music and enjoying nature when I am not working. I would also like to begin pursuing a degree once I have the courage to enroll in school again! I am a proud dog mom of two wonderful girls, April and Tiva. I have recently found God and am studying the bible with a friend of mine when I can.

After sharing expenses for 7 years with my ex, getting back on my feet after deciding to finally end the cycle of abuse has been hard; however, it's also been a very empowering experience, and I feel like I've truly rediscovered myself. He was the bread winner in the relationship, so I don't have very much work experience. However, I've managed to find work as a customer service representative from home. After being told I would never make it without him, being independent is my number one priority. Until now, I was able to do that and maintain my independence, but recent medical expense has gotten in the way of that. I've been in need of oral surgery for a while now to get my wisdom teeth removed. They're starting to cause me unmanageable amounts of pain, and I really need to get them removed so that I can carry on without crippling headaches and pain in general. However, I can't afford the treatment costs out of pocket, and I'm worried that the costs could ruin me down the line. That's why I'm humbly asking for help with affording the cost of my wisdom teeth removal surgery.

In the time after regaining my independence, I've learned so much about myself as a person. I've been able to grow into a happier, kinder, and more compassionate person now that I've escaped the abuse I used to face on a daily basis. Getting this assistance with my dental surgery would allow me to continue that journey. It will allow me to continue that period of self-discovery so that I may grow and fulfill my potential to serve others as well. This is something I could never forget, and I dream that one day soon I'll be in a position to help someone in the same situation that I'm in now. I want to say 'thank you in advance' to all of the people who help me retain my independence, confidence, and stability.

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Application Status Update: On 2021-05-06, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,025.00 to River City OMS on behalf of this deserving individual.