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Military Family
Imminent Loss of Housing
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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeThank you! Truly - it means everything! There are so many individuals out there in need right now, and we always strive to help others, but this time, we needed help. Not only is your generous donations appreciated, but also your belief in us. We promise to give back that way you have so graciously given to us. As a nurse, I promise to always show compassion and empathy for others the way you have for us! Thank you for your kindness.

My Husband Is a Veteran Struggling with PTSD & We Need Help Keeping Our Home While He Recovers!

My Story:

I'm a full-time nursing student, and I'm set to graduate in May of this year! I have a job lined up when I graduate at the local hospital in the Med Neuro ICU. I'm also the vice president of my nursing class. My husband is an honorably discharged veteran who retired from the Army for medical reasons. He's reintegrating by attending school and just obtained his associates degree. He's in the process of choosing between accepting a government position or trying to open his own powerlifting gym. We don't have children, but we do have two hairless cats named Buddha and Nova who we love.

Typically we receive enough income to cover our monthly expenses, but we've been coming up short the past few months. We're sitting at about a month behind on our rent, and I'm worried that if we can't catch up soon, we'll lose our home. We started getting behind when I found out that I had a pituitary tumor. Thankfully, it was nothing serious, but the bills resulting from the various doctor's appointments have been difficult to manage. However, the most serious problem we've faced lately is that my husband faced a recent exacerbation to his TBI/Combat related PTSD. He has been unable to re-enroll in school, get a job, or even go outside. He's already working on recovering and has graduated an outpatient group therapy treatment program through the VA, but it's still going to be a while to get him reintegrated fully. As a result of both of these situations, we're behind on our rent, and we need help urgently if we're going to keep our home.

We've already had notes posted to our door threatening to seek legal action if we can't come up with the money. With me in school and my husband recovering from his PTSD, we're not in any position to be able to catch up on the rent that we owe. Getting this help would buy my husband the time that he needs to recover, and once I can graduate and begin my job, my salary will take care of all of our bills as well. This help would also ensure that I can graduate and begin helping people in my community as a nurse. My husband and I would be beyond grateful to everyone who helps us keep our home through this difficult situation, and I promise to work hard to pay this kindness and compassion forward every single day.

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Application Status Update: On 2021-04-08, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,125.00 to Tylers Ridge at Sand Hills Phase II on behalf of this deserving individual.