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My Sons & I Tested Positive for COVID & Need Help Keeping Our Home Till I Can Go Back to Work!

My Story:

Aloha! I'm a single mother with two teenage boys at home. They're both currently schooling completely from home, and it's been nice to have them home. Both of my sons are really excellent kids and enjoy spending time outdoors and with family. I've been able to work full-time through the pandemic, and I work for a small environmental consulting company. I've always made enough to pretty comfortably provide for my kids and I, but I've never had much room to save anything bring in.

My sons and I all tested positive for Covid-19 in early January. Thankfully, they never really displayed any serious symptoms, but it took me over six weeks to recover from the virus. During that time, I missed a lot of work with no pay, and I opened an unemployment case in order to try to get something from the time I was out of work. However, I'm still waiting on the results from that, but I did manage to get my stimulus check which has kept us up on our rent. I still haven't been able to go back to work because one of my sons is still testing positive for Covid-19 and my employer won't let me return as a result. We've managed to stay on top of our bills but being out of work for any longer will cause me to get behind on our rent for sure.

I'm asking for this generous help before we get behind on our rent because that way, I can return to work without the fear of eviction looming over us. This help would keep us out of a dangerous cycle of being constantly behind on our bills and would make sure we're never in danger of losing our home. I know that we can get back on our feet quickly and when we do, I want to give back to all of the people who helped us by paying your generosity and kindness forward. Thank you for helping us keep our home and for allowing us to remain independent and self-sufficient.

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