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I Lost My Job to COVID & I Need Helping Turning My Lights On as I Relocate!

My Story:

I'm a furloughed hospitality worker, and I've been in that industry for over a decade now. I'm a hard worker and have always made it a point to take care of myself, but this pandemic has made that really difficult. My only work experience is in the hospitality industry, so it's been hard to find work elsewhere.

Currently, I'm in the process of downsizing and moving to a more affordable home. The situation with my landlord at my previous residence had become so unsalvageable to the point where I had no other choice but to leave. In the process of moving to my new home, I've had difficulty repaying what I owed on my utility bills from my previous home, and now I'm worried that I won't be able to get the power turned on in my new home once I move. I'm asking for help with my past due utilities bills so that I can begin life in my new home with the lights on.

I'm working hard to get my life and my career back on track, but if I can't get my power and water turned on, then that's going to make it harder to do. Things are finally beginning to look up again, and I'm hoping that I can get back to work soon. However, before then, I need an extra push to get me through this pandemic to the other side. For that push, I would be incredibly grateful to you all for helping me keep my water and power on. I promise to never forget the impact you all make on my life for the better. Thank you in advance for this help.

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