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I'm a Veteran & After Mold Overtook My Home, I Need Help Moving Out Please!

My Story:

I enlisted in the army and served as a Mobile Sen-Switch Network Switching Operator during the Bosnia conflict. For my service, I received the National Defense Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, Driver and Mechanic Badge, and a Medal of Good Conduct. Recently, I have been working at a plant, but I lost my job to cutbacks from the Covid-19 pandemic. I live in a rental town home with two emotional support cats. They are great companions, and I love to play with them, read, and play guitar in my spare time.

Back in August 2020, my toilet overflowed for 7 days while my landlord waited to send a plumber to get it fixed. The downstairs carpet was soaked in sewage water, and the water went into and under the walls, flooded the kitchen, and got into cabinets. Mold grew and even bubbled up the paint in the walls. The owner finally got some of the mold removed, but he left an entire wall and two huge closets untouched that had also developed mold within. The mold has caused health problems for me and even for the cats. On top of the mold issue, the landlord is no longer renewing regular leases due to Covid-19. As result, I'm moving out and have thankfully been accepted to live at another place; however, after paying the first month's rent and security deposit, I don't have enough left to pay for movers. I'm asking for help with paying for the movers.

This assistance would allow me to begin my life in my new home without the fear of health problems emerging due to mold. I'll be able to keep all of my stuff and won't have to worry about losing everything. Most importantly though, I'll be able to keep my two emotional support cats. I can't even begin to fathom losing them, and it would be extremely damaging to my mental health if that were to happen. I can't even begin to thank everyone who helps me with this expense. Truly, this would be life changing for me, and I will work hard every day to repay you kindness and generosity in full.

As of 2021-05-08, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.