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Urgent Health Care
Temporary Loss of Income

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We'll Lose Access to Our Care Provider If We Can't Take Care of These Medical Bills Soon!

My Story:

I'm a married mother of my one beautiful daughter. Our daughter is very loving and empathetic, and she's really into art and loves to draw. She has dreams of going to art school someday and is very passionate about it. I'm recently unemployed due to the pandemic, and my husband works full-time at a local welding shop and tries his best to support us any way he can, mostly by picking up overtime hours when they're available.

Through the course of this pandemic, we've been doing our best to pay for our basic expenses, but it never really seems to be enough because we're living paycheck to paycheck. Recently, my vehicle broke down, and we've still not been able to get it fixed. However, the expenses that are weighing on us the most are our medical bills. My daughter and I both have conditions that require us to see a physician regularly and to get lab testing done regularly as well. The costs of those check-ups and lab tests have been very expensive, and we're really worried about being able to take care of ourselves if we can't get those bills paid. Some of them have already hit collections, and we're worried that we won't be able to see our doctor if those bills aren't paid soon. That's why we're humbly asking for help with those medical bills.

If we can get caught up on these medical bills, then we'll be able to continue to see our doctor without any issues, and we'll be able to get the care and treatment we need to stay healthy and productive. We're working hard to get back on our feet and staying healthy is a huge part of that journey, so we would be extremely grateful for help with these bills. Thank you all for your consideration and kindness in advance.

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