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COVID Put Me Out of a Job, and It's Going to Put Me Out of My Home too Without Help!

My Story:

I'm a single female living with my dog in a modest-sized apartment. We've been living here for three years now, and we really like where we are. I've always been able to maintain a level of self-sufficiency and have always paid my bills on time; however, due to the pandemic it's been hard to hold down steady employment.

I've worked in retail for many years in order to provide for myself, and that industry has been decimated by this pandemic, and I've been in out of work as a result. Working in retail means living paycheck to paycheck most of the time, so as a result, I've never really had much in terms of savings. I've already used what little I have in savings to stay caught up on my rent and to pay for food and gas, but my account has run dry. I've barely been able to scrape by and am paid up for this past month; however, I know I'm about to come up short in February, and by that time, I can be evicted from my home. I've fought hard to be able to pay my bills, and up until this point, I've been able to do that. Now, I'm in a desperate situation and am in danger of losing everything I've fought so hard to keep throughout this pandemic.

I'm humbly asking for help with my rent for this upcoming month because I know that despite my best efforts, I'm going to come up short. This would be an unbelievable blessing to me, and it would ensure that I'm able to keep my home for the foreseeable future. I've struggled to keep my home, and this help would allow me to continue my search for work so that I can return to the level of self-sufficiency I had before this pandemic. On top of that, knowing that there are still people who are willing to be there for one another and who are willing to show love and compassion to others during the worst of times would be a huge boost to my spirit. I would be truly grateful for any help that I can get and will do my best to pay it forward. Thank you all in advance for your compassion and support.

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