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I Moved My Kids to a New Home Before the Pandemic, but Now I Need Help Keeping It!

My Story:

I'm a single father to two young children. I love my kids more than anything in the word, and I moved us into a new apartment in February. Later that month, I was laid-off from my job where I worked at a dentist's office making decent money. Getting laid-off is never ideal but getting laid-off after moving into a new apartment has been especially difficult to deal with.

Since being laid-off in February, I have managed to get unemployment benefits which were tiding me over until Congress failed to renew them last month. Not having those benefits now has put me and my children in a tenuous position regarding our housing situation. The eviction moratorium has also expired, so we can be evicted at any time if we do not pay our rent in full. We are in desperate need of assistance until I can find work again.

Specifically, I am asking for help with our rent so that my children and me aren't out on the streets. Truly, I want nothing more than to return to work, and I have applied for over 100 jobs with no luck. In terms of employment, nothing has panned out so far; however, I am hopeful that as businesses begin to reopen, I will find work once more. I have to be the provider that my two children need me to be, but I can't do that without a little bit of help in the short-term. I will never forget the help that me and my family receive, and I will pay it forward no matter what. Thank you for considering us for your donation.

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