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I Need Help paying my Utility Bill Before I Lose Service!

My Story:

I am a single adult who works for an online education company. I have experience as an educator and as an athletic coach. The pandemic has forced me to remain indoors like most other people, and I am working a temporary contract assignment that will end in a few months. I am concerned about having work after that ends.

Even with the income from my temporary contract work, I am having some trouble making ends meet. I have experienced some trouble with my transportation recently which has caused some unexpected expense to arise. I have fallen behind on my utility bill because of this, and I now need your help paying it. I do not want to lose service because that will greatly affect my ability to make ends meet even further.

This funding would really help me turn my current financial situation around, and it would give me the ability to begin rebuilding my emergency savings fund, which has all but run dry at this point. I am really looking forward to returning to a point of stability in my life, and your help would be a great leap forward in that direction. Thank you for your kindness and consideration during these difficult times.

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