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From Full Time to Part Time Wrok. Please Help With Rent

My Story:

I am a single mother raising a special needs child without any child support or financial support. I�m also a proud Veteran that actively served in the Army. My daughter is the true love of my life. She�s exceptionally gifted in the area of arts, both writing and drawing. She�s writing a Trilogy and has already secured copyrights for her characters and character development processes. I was working FT but now hours were cut to PT which is making it difficult for me to pay rent.

Finding myself in this one-time unexpected, financial, situation has cut me to the core. I have never ever been in such dire straits of need. I have exhausted my entire life savings, emergency and retirements accounts mostly toward my daughter�s wellbeing. Not having insurance, all her specialists, testing, assessments, evaluations, schooling, doctors, therapy, and psychiatrists have literally drained me, financially, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am left in a financial bind and I have no one to ask for help. I now need Modest Needs help paying my rent for this month.

This funding will literally bring the gap for us. If I can get through by having rent paid, I will be able to become self-sufficient and become independent again at that point. The impact of such generosity would be life-changing and life-altering for us. Your giving would truly be a testament of time that when one gives, one received. If assisted, I will certainly pay it forward as well as letting others know there's help and hope!

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