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Coronavirus: Missed Work. Need Assistance

My Story:

I am a 30 year old woman. I work part time at the university and I also attend school to enable me have the required skills for my career. I also volunteer at my local church and I like playing the guitar.

The specific extenuating circumstance that I am reporting is the loss of income from my job due to the pandemic. My job is not able to support me due to their loss of ability to fund some workers. Also, the technology that supported me in doing my job onsite was unavailable creating additional cost on my own end. With my earnings, I am usually able to afford my monthly basic expenses, however, I do not earn enough to make any reasonable savings. With the loss of my income, I'm wondering how I will be able to pay for basic necessities as well as support my cost of attendance at school. I will need Modest Need's assistance to help in paying for my school expenses.

This funding will enable me pay for my other necessities and enable me to stop worrying constantly about how to meet my needs. I also believe it will enable me to be more stable, not worry about my rent and allow my landlord to have faith in me that I will be able to be a good tenant. After school, I will be able to undertake a full time position that can enable me to have a better savings account and allow for emergency spending. I also strongly believe that you will be making a strong impact and I will be very happy to provide any testimonial to others about your generosity. I also do believe that others will be inspired to help others as well.I will be eternally grateful for meeting my dire need.

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