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Coronavirus: Off work, Need Help With Rent and Electric

My Story:

I am 27-year-old who just moved to Columbus with my two dogs. In my spare time, usually I'll be outside doing yard work, playing with my two pups that I have had since they were 5 weeks old and 8 weeks old, or inside watching movies and relaxing. I am single so everything falls on my shoulders to give my dogs and myself the life we deserve.

The pandemic has completely forced me out of work. This has made it incredibly hard to pay my bills. Facing eviction any day now, my dogs and I have no one and nowhere else to turn to for help. We do not want to be put on the streets because I cannot pay the rent. Specifically, I need help paying my rent and electricity bill.

this funding would keep a roof over our heads, and it would keep the lights on so that I can keep fighting for us to stay in our current home. I am hopeful that I can find work soon so that I can provide for myself and my dogs once more, but until that hope is fulfilled, we need some help.

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