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Coronavirus: Single Mom / Caregiver of Sick Parent Needs Help With Utilities

My Story:

I am a single mother raising an 11 yearly son and caring for my mother, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Leukemia. My son loves animals. He has a dog, two fishes, and is raising 6 chickens. He is very independent. Every morning he wakes up and tends to his birds, feeds his fish and walks his dog. I am so proud of how caring and responsible he is. For fun, he plays the violin and loves technology. We also love playing board games on the weekends. My mom used to be very active however due to her health she now resorts to rest and crafting. She loves tuning inexpensive things into gems with her creativity when she has good days. I am very passionate about being a mother. Family is my number one enjoyment and I love my job as a hygienist. It feels wonderful to have a career you can help others, make friends and be financially and emotionally rewarded.

I am a dental hygienist that was just making bills before the pandemic hit, and now that I am laid off it is impossible to keep up with my mortgage, utilities and food. I am behind in most of my bills because I am focused on keeping my mortgage paid. According to my boss only part time work will be available when he gets the green light to re open his practice. I applied for help from the state, however was denied because of income eligibility. I know this pandemic has affected so many people, and usually I am the one to help others in need, but unfortunately I am on the other end this time. I would be ever so grateful and appreciative for any help for my family. I am asking Modest Needs for help with my utilities if possible.

This help would help to alleviate the stress it has created not being able to keep up. It would bring me current with my gas and any help towards my electric bill would be a weight lifted off my shoulders as well. I then could focus on my mortgage and prayers that I get back to work so that I can keep the utilities paid down. I worry that when this resolves, I will not be able to catch up paying the bills down resulting in disconnections. The stress this has created for me has definitely affected my mom and my son. I am ready to get back to work and return to normalcy. Thank you so much for considering us. Be safe and stay healthy.

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