Paid 10/03/2020
Temporary Loss of Income

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Dear Friends, Kindness is the gift of each and everyone of you that choose to share with me during this uncertain times. Hope in the future I�m able to return this kind gesture . Your assistance is an unmeasurable support I�m deeply grateful for and will never forget. Thank You!

Coronavirus: Furloughed, Please Help With Bills

My Story:

I am a single female living alone and all my relatives live overseas, spread around the world. I like the outdoors and spending time biking or hiking on my favorite trails. I also enjoy volunteering at different organizations throughout the city.

Since the Covid-19 crisis started, there was a need to dedicate more and more hours to my volunteer work. I have enjoyed spending more time preparing meals for homeless shelters, hospices, and schools. However, as the crisis became more severe so to did the restrictions regarding social distancing and stay at home orders, causing our hours to be limited for the sake of safety. These days I spend most of my time volunteering, cooking, and delivering meals to elderly friends, as well as video-chatting with friends and family trying to positively support each other. Similar to many Americans, my financial hardship has stemmed from being furloughed due to this overwhelming crisis. I work as a caterer and January is our slowest month but usually by February business picks up; that was not the case this year. I am now left with no income to support myself. The harsh reality of my situation has had a tremendous emotional and psychological impact on me. I now need help paying my rent and electric bill.

This funding will tide me over until the city reopens and I can get back to work. The stress of this uncertainty feels something like existing at the bottom of an ocean, quietly and constantly pressing on your whole being. It is deeply debilitating, even for someone like me who is always positive and optimistic. This financial support has a value to me that is immeasurable in dollars; personally, it is a monumental relief from stress, and it offers me the opportunity to share a little more with those around me in need of support. I appreciate being considered for this funding from those who can and are willing to donate in moments like this. Thank you so much and stay safe!

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