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Coronavirus: Couple Needs Rent Help

My Story:

I live with my fiance who moved to Atlanta with me a year ago. I work full-time at an airport and am greeted by our dog and hamster when I come home.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, my fiance lost her job and she does not qualify for unemployment. My hours were cut severely, but I was also denied partial unemployment and because of this, we cannot afford our rent. I am asking for help in order to pay our rent.

This funding would give our soon-to-be family the sense of peace and stability we need by allowing us to stay on top of our bills and also it would allow us to put aside some income for our savings so that we can make sure everything in the future is well taken care of. This help would put my family at ease, and it will allow us to have a stronger foundation going forward. Even though our lives have all been somewhat derailed by this pandemic, my fiance and I have hope that we will all be able to rebuild even stronger when this is all over. Thank you all so much for taking us into consideration for your donations.

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