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Coronavirus: Laid Off, Please Help with Rent

My Story:

I am a single person and I live alone. Previously, I worked as an overnight valet/guard for a hotel parking lot but because of Covid-19 I was laid off. In my downtime, I love playing soccer, fishing, and just being outdoors.

I earned just enough income when I was working to pay my basic bills and rent, but since I was laid-off it's been incredibly difficult to keep up with my bills. In addition to my rent, I also have car payments and some medical expenses as well. It is just really stressful to be out of work and to not be able to pay all of my bills so that they do not accumulate. I need this grant to be able to make rent and relieve some of the financial pressure on me.

I can breathe and feel a little stress free, knowing that I will not be overwhelmed with these payments. Hopefully, I will be able to get back to work soon and that way I can begin to accumulate some savings, so that the next time an emergency happens I can be a little more prepared. I will always remember the help I have received, and I promise that going forward I will repay that kindness in full. Thank you for your grace and kindness.

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