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Temporary Loss of Income


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Coronavirus: Mom of 2 Laid off and Needs Help With Rent

My Story:

My children�s father lives with us and was staying home with our children while I worked as a bartender. I have a 7 month old son who is my sweet little baby. He is just starting to crawl and try to stand! My daughter is 19 months and so full of life and so smart. My first born babygirl passed away at 18 months, in 2018 but I like to think her spirit is always with us. In a way I�m glad to have time with my family because I am used to working 6 days a week and being away from them.

My husbands job was staying home with the kids so I could work. I made pretty good money but I also have all the bills to pay so I was never able to manage to get ahead enough to save. The week before my work shut down, I needed an emergency surgery to get my wisdom teeth out and was out of work for a week. The day I was supposed to be back to work, everything hoy shut down.

This money will allow me to stop stressing and I will know my family has a safe place to stay. Thank you.

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