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Coronavirus: Couple Without Work Need Help With Phone Bill

My Story:

My husband and I recently got married and we have 3 dogs that we consider our children. He is the owner of a Tattoo Studio and an amazing artist. His business is (was) booming! I repair electronics and bartend.

COVID-19 has caused extreme hardship to us. I've been working as a bartender for a while and this was my only income. Within the past 2 months I was working on launching my own business (repairing electronics) and invested much of my time where I only worked as a bartender for my source of income. When we had to shutdown due to the virus, it completely stripped all income sources for me. My husband was holding us afloat for two weeks after my shutdown- but recently he also had to shut his doors and close the shop for good. At this point we now both had no financial assistance or income. We have been living everyday to the last penny.We desperately need Modest Needs. Help with a large phone bill.

We are grateful for any assistance or financial support for so many reasons- but most importantly this would allow my husband to apply what little savings we have left to keep operations afloat for his business. It would allow me to continue supporting my sister with college, and my mother/grandmother with the expenses they cannot fulfill. I have been taking care of two homes, 3 dogs, surviving business, and hoping that my story is enough for a helping hand. Thank you.

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