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Mental Health Meds Costs & Unemployment Periods Have Caused Me to Fall Behind & I Need Help!

My Story:

I am a mommy to a newly-fostered, abused Bull Mastiff I named Desilu. She was at a kill shelter and I managed to bring her home with me, Christmas Eve. She is the best thing to happen to me in a very long time. I also have a blind cat named Quincy who surprisingly, very much adores Desilu. I am a creative snd aspiring film editor, also I am a professional comedy writer and perform comedy. When I am between my creative gigs, I am a part-time tour guide for a private tourism company and I drive Lyft and Uber.

I feel so empowered that I have knowledge about my mental health condition and am treating it. Since last spring I have been on medication that is not covered by insurance and I am in therapy to treat an impairing neurological executive functioning disorder. Last year during a helpless and hopeless period when I was lower than I could have ever possibly imagined, I remembered that I had been diagnosed with the disorder in my early 20s but did nothing to address it because of lack of information. This time, with urgency, I immediately sought treatment with the intention to turn my life around. Between therapy and the combined medication of Adderall, Concerta, and anti-depressants, my life has made such a dramatic improvement that I have started advocating for other women with similar mental health challenges. However, the out-of-pocket prescription expenses have cut deeply into my earnings to the point where if I am out of work for too many days, I fall behind. Well, I have fallen behind these last few months during an unemployment period. Now I need your help with my rent.

I moved into this unit in 2013 with my-then husband, but I now live alone. Since my divorce two and a half years ago, I have managed to pay my own way, alone. However, with these additional prescription costs, this past few months have been a strain that has accumulated to this shortage of resources. This grant will allow me to regroup, recalibrate and recharge. It is difficult to think about your future when your present has you mired in worry, anxiety, and uncertainty about the basic need of shelter.

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