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Finally Safe After Leaving an Abusive Relationship, Please Help With My Rent

My Story:

I am a recently single woman. I left my hometown to escape an abusive relationship and I landed in a new town that I love. I have two wonderful fur-children. Their names are Abby and Casanova. I love to spend time doing crafts and baking.

On December 26th I was advised that my 'stable' job was letting me go. They actually called me in the office and asked me to resign. I didn't want any issues with anybody so I did. Then on December 30th I received a call that my mother was rushed to the hospital. She didn't make it. She was my best friend, and it is hard waking up daily knowing she is gone. I then took time and stayed with my family after the loss. My fianc� decided he was leaving me, because my personality changed.

I am asking for help to pay one months rent. If i do not get it paid I will be evicted, which will leave a bad record and it will make it harder for me to rent a new place. This funding will bring me current on rent and give me a chance to get back on my feet financially. This will make it so I am able to stay in this area that I feel safe in and that I love. I am working with Shipt as an independent contractor which will pay the bills until I find else. Thank you so much.

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