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Disabled Gulf War Veteran Could Lose Car Without Your Help!

My Story:

I am a 100% disabled Gulf War Veteran who suffers from Gulf War Illness. My sister lives with me to help around the house after my wife left. Unfortunately, she just had a major surgery and is unable to work. My caregiver lives with me to assist with my medical condition and my 9 year old daughter. She is very intelligent, funny, and full of life. This divorce is hurting her.

I hired a full-time, live-in caregiver per the advice from the Department of Veterans Affairs, due to the increase in my disabilities (Gulf War Illness: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia) and needing help with Assisted Daily Living (ADL). Being that the claim processes was lengthy and my caregiver was not getting paid, I had to pay her out of pocket, which prevented me from paying my mortgage. I am currently behind on my mortgage and I am also in the process of a divorce, due to being a victim of domestic violence, and I had to retain two (2) divorce attorneys. I am desperately needing Modest Needs assistance with paying my car note for this month.

This funding will allow me to get caught up for next month, as I will be refinancing my vehicle or trading it in for a lesser payment, and I will be refinancing my home from an FHA loan to a VA, which will save me some funds. This assistance will be of great help to my financial situation. If this doesn't get paid, it will put me further behind, making it impossible to get caught up on my bills next month. Thank you so much for all your help and consideration.

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