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I'm a Disabled Vet Fighting a Horrible Divorce. I Need My Cell to Look for Jobs & Talk to My Kids.

My Story:

I am a disabled veteran and a loving father and husband. I live with my wife and three children. My family enjoys the outdoors and spends a ton of time playing classic board games.

I'm just finishing a really hard divorce that seems like its gone on forever. My ex-wife seems determined to ruin me financially. She keeps asking her lawyer to file actions and motions that she knows she'll lose, just to cost me money. For example, a few months ago, m wife filed a petition to increase child support, even though I was already paying the maximum, and she knew it! But that doesn't matter/ She knows that because she filed a petition, I'll have to respond and in order to respond, I'll have to get a lawyer.

Bottom line: in just the last month, I had to spend nearly all of my savings just to be able to respond to my ex-wife's insane petitions, al of which are designed to make me bankrupt because once I'm bankrupt, she can take our kids. So far, she hasn't been successful, but she has put me in a bink, and right now, I can't pay my cell phone bill. Without that cell phone, I'm cut off from the world and my children, and I really need help to pay this bill. I know it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you're dealing with insanity, even a cell phone bill can become really expensive

Helping us fund this bill would be super-cala-fragalistic-expealadocious. I'm looking for additional work to make sure I can take care of myself if other issues like this come up (and with my ex, they will!), and having this paid will ensure that job opportunities can contact me. And you'll also make sure my children can contact me. That's what's most important. Thanks for all your help. In the future, this family will be donating and passing it forward to others in need. Again, we thank you for all you do.

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