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Teacher Needs You to Save Her Home After Severe Jaw Infection

My Story:

I am a 6th grade mathematics teacher and single mom. I am passionate about teaching and love going to work everyday. I have over 150 students that I care deeply about and try to provide the motivation to succeed in school and to love learning. I have 2 sons that are currently in college and have helped me out as much as possible as they have grown up. We are a tight family and encourage each other to stay strong and reach for the stars.

Unfortunately, teaching in Collier County, FL is a challenge due to the extremely high cost of living. I have lived (barely) paycheck to paycheck for the last 16 years as a teacher. Often, we have to put aside our basic medical needs to just make rent and pay for groceries. This past year I ended up with a jaw infection that was so severe that I had to have 9 teeth pulled. I have always put my children first when it came to routine medical visits and often had to skip my own health visits due to limited funds. This is not unusual for many of my teacher friends and very sad, too. I need Modest Needs' assistance to help me pay my rent this month since I had the huge dental expense. I don't want to have a poor rental record because I want to eventually purchase a small condo in the future. I was doing okay until I had the emergency dental surgery and subsequent visits. It is truly scary how one emergency can have such a domino affect on a family.

This founding will help me get caught up on my rent and my dentist bills will be finally finished. My students are working daily on how to extend kindness and pay it forward...this would be truly be a miracle for me and my family. My students would be able to see how the world truly cares for one another. This would be a life changing event for me. I want to be self-sufficient but sometimes you just have to reach out for help. This is very difficult for me but I also want to be able to be the best person I can be for my family and students. Thank you so much for your consideration and time.

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