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Navy Medical Retirement, Major Delay in Income

My Story:

My wife and I are the best of friends and have been together since 2011. We live together and have an incredible little German Shepherd. We've been through hard times, amazing times and separation due to deployment.

I'm currently an active duty sailor that is medically retiring in 3 days. Unfortunately, due to major delays with the final paycheck, along with pension/disability benefits, we are left with our emergency fund depleted due to a major car repair and nothing left to afford our next mortgage payment. We Need Modest Need's help to afford our next mortgage payment. We're unable to afford it after this costly and urgent vehicle repair and we'll be without any income until February.

This funding will help us keep our home and relieve a tremendous amount of anxiety due to the news of not receiving any sort of income until February of 2020. Words cannot describe the lasting-impact this potential funding would have on my small family. It would ensure that we are able to comfortably return to being able to afford our mortgage without the fear of losing our home, or being over a month past-due. Thank you.

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