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Can't Afford to Lose Car

My Story:

I am a young adult that has had to work two jobs for the last several years to live alone in relative comfort. Even though I don't have a lot of free time, I'm still able make time to do the things I really enjoy. I love going to the gym, cooking, and hosting friends over couple of times a month.

Several months ago I sustained a hip injury at work, though nothing was broken I was barely able to walk for several weeks. Because of this I had to miss a substantial amount on time at my second job, which does not provide any type of sick leave benefits. As I was able to start up work again the brakes in my car went out. I require my car for my second job (I do food delivery) and so I was forced to miss another week to wait for my next paycheck so I could pay to fix my car. I had already put my car payment on the back burner due to missing so much work, but in order to fix my car I to put off my car payment an additional time. I began working extra hours at my second job to help catch up on my bills, but I need your help. I need Modest Needs help to bring my car payment current so the bank does not repossess my car. Without my car I'll lose my second income source.

This funding would be a tremendous help for me. I really need this payment to keep my car and to continue working. It is unfortunate to be in the position where you can't do anything but rely on help of others. I appreciate you taking time to read this and try to help. Thank you.

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