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Car repairs Needed for Mom to Work and Help Son to Get an Education

My Story:

I am a 53 year old single Mom of 4 adult children. I work full-time on a farm. I enjoy reading, puzzles, and cooking. I do not get out or socialize much but enjoy quiet times at home. My 23 year old son lives with me who has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. He is limited in activities because of lack of money, but he also enjoys cooking and puzzles. He would like to go to school to get his GED and educated in the culinary arts and business through Job Corps. My two daughters live on their own, work full-time jobs and are self sufficient. I lost my oldest son in 2005 to a heroin overdose. it was a devastation to our family. My youngest son was only 8 years old his brother died.

I earn enough money to meet our monthly expenses but we live paycheck to paycheck. If an extra expense comes up it is a struggle. My car needs work in order to pass inspection. I need modest needs to help pay for my car repairs so I can continue to get to and from work and to help get my son into Job Corps so he can get the education he needs to be self sufficient.

Right now I only drive my car as it is necessitated, as I am afraid to drive far without the repairs it needs. The funding provided by Modest Needs would have a much bigger impact on our stability than anyone would imagine. I could help my son and I would also like to further my education and grow into my community. It would also help build back faith that I have lost over the years through the process of grieving the loss of my oldest son. I am coming becoming stronger, but very slowly. Every obstacle seems like a mountain to climb. When I am able to overcome obstacles I feel like I have conquered a demon. This journey through grief is a slow process. I often feel that people don't understand why it's taking so long. I sometimes feel I should apologize for not progressing faster. I most often just try to not show my weakness. Not being able to afford to fix my car right now feels like weakness. The funding I get from Modest Needs would help me to build my courage back.

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