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Self-Sufficiency Grant

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeWords alone cannot encompass the immense relief your generous donations have provided us. My family is overwhelmed with gratitude, and I can only hope that someday we touch someone else's life in their time of great need as you all have ours. Because of you, we will be able to stay in our home. Because of you, our family received the most amazing Christmas gift we could have ever imagined. In a world that my husband and I have come to see as cruel and full of innate selfishness, I doubted we would ever receive the help we so desperately needed but could not find elsewhere; yet just this Christmas week, out of the kindness of your hearts, you selflessly took your hard-earned money and used it help a family you don't even know, whom you will likely never meet. I thought previously that it was only the rarest of individuals who would seek to help others in this manner, but this process has shown me that that type of person - people like the Angel Donors here at Modest Needs - is more common than I had ever imagined. To know without a doubt that there is kindness and compassion in this world, that it is full of men and women with loving hearts, fills us with joy and hope for the futures of our children.

I Was on Bedrest due to a Complicated Pregnancy. We're Behind on Rent & Are Being Evicted

My Story:

We have a beautiful family: my spouse, my six year old daughter, and our newborn son who was born on 8/30/2019. My spouse is the Maintenance and Events Coordinator for a yacht sales company, and I have been an insurance sales agent since 2014. We love spending time at the beach with our kiddos, reading, and walking the trails at the local nature parks.

Although we have been blessed with a beautiful life, we currently live paycheck to paycheck. My pregnancy with our son was very complicated, and I spent a great deal of it on bed rest, substantially reducing what I contribute to our household. However, when I began to dilate early, my OB placed me on permanent bed rest until delivery. My employer, although exempt from FMLA, graciously agreed to place me on unpaid medical leave with the caveat that I will be returning part time. However, because of how my employer calculates 'time off' - an hourly rate when my salary is based off of sales commission - I received a $0 paycheck on August 30th. For this reason, we were unable to pay our August rent, and now, our landlord has told us that if we do not come up with that month of rent by the 15th of this month, we will be evicted from our home with nowhere else to turn and two children to look after - one of them barely a month old.

This assistance will bring us current on ALL of our bills and expenses, will alleviate a world of stress and worry, and will restore our sense of stability. I have a follow up on October 15th, and I should be returning to work shortly thereafter, and my spouse has been able to cover rent and utilities on his wage alone by staying at work later and earning overtime. Once I return to work we will be in a position to not only pay our utilities and rent, but will also have the ability to put at least $200 in savings to prevent an unforeseen loss of income from putting us in this type of position again, in addition to having the means to pay the blessing forward by helping our other families in financial distress, through Modest Needs as well as through other local charitable organizations. Thank you for reading about our situation and helping us if you can.

As of 2019-12-21, this application has been fully funded!

This request for help was funded at the recommendation and through the support of Modest Needs' donors.

Application Status Update: On 2020-01-10, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $1,325.00 to Craig Foster, landlord on behalf of this deserving individual.