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Reduction in Work Hours Could Leave Parents of Toddler Homeless

My Story:

I am a married mother of a wonderful 2.5 year old old baby boy. My toddler is a high energy, smart and amazing human. After my husband and I have suffered the loss of four babies, he is our light and our life. I work full time from home as an interpreter and my husband is a stay at home dad at the moment due to health issues.

I am earning enough to pay our basic expenses but not enough to save. We were living in another residence where I couldn't work and thus we are just barely getting out of this rough patch but I need my home to work in and have a roof over our heads. We need Modest Needs help with our rent, which will become late on the 4th of this month. We are unable to make this payment after suffering a reduction of income and we are now being forced to request assistance to be able to continue having a roof over our heads. We are worried sick that our child will lose his home if we are not able to pay the rent before it goes to eviction.

This help will be such a blessing to our family, it will help us breathe and will help us not lose our stability for this month that we are struggling. It will help us to make it through until I get paid in November and we are finally able to get back on track with bills, rent and start a savings fund. You will help us immensely.

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