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I lost My Mother and Got Divorced, Do Not Let Me Be Homeless Too

My Story:

I am a recently divorced, only child who recently lost my mother. While enduring both of these life changing matters, I was also in the process of completing my dissertation for my PhD. My mother had no insurance, due to a lapsed policy. Unfortunately, during my mother's final days and transition, I was unable to complete my studies. I was forced to add to my already exhausted income, the out of pocket cost for school. My monthly obligations took the domino effect and without help, I'm afraid that it will only worsen sooner than later.

I earn enough to live month to month within my means. However, I have no savings and these recent hardships have caused me to fall behind. In fact, since my divorce a year ago, I had just started to regain my stability. I expect that with once I am emotionally stable, I will be able to better concentrate on other revenue options, but at this current place, I feel stuck. I need Modest Needs' help to pay one month's rent. After funeral and school expenses I am very behind.

Without payment my file will go to the attorney and there will be added fees and potentially eviction. My credit is extremely challenged and I am afraid that if I lose this apartment, I will be unable to find another place to live that is safe for me as a single female. This funding will bring my rent current but personally, my anxiety and loss of sleep should cease. I should not require the medication that I was prescribed for my 'situational stress' disorder. Your help will make a long-lasting impact on even small households as mine. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be transparent about my circumstance.

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