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I'm a Single Mom & Behind on the Power Bill. Without Electricity, I'll Lose My Job & Our Home.

My Story:

I'm the single mom of a fantastic daughter. She just turned 9 years old. She loves to play hockey, spend time with family, and do activities in the great outdoors. I work full time from home for a great family minded company in the mid-west. I did that to eliminate childcare bills and spend as much time with my daughter as possible.

I do my best to be financially responsible, pay our bills, and make sure we live within our means, but this has been an especially hard year for me. It all started in February, when I suddenly just wasn't getting the amount of work assignments I normally receive. That slow down lasted a couple of months, and I was able to stay mostly caught up by using my savings. But the savings eventually ran out, and I had to start choosing which bills I was going to pay when. I was doing OK juggling the bills like that, but then my car broke, and without that car, we have no way even to get to the store. So I had to have the car fixed, and now, thanks to this snowball effect, I've gotten so behind on our power bill that we've gotten a shutoff notice.

I'm just at a loss. This has never happened to me before but I honestly don't know what I'm going to do if I can't pay this bill. Like I said, I work from home as a remote employee. If we lose electricity, I can't work, and if I lose any more income, we're going to end up with nowhere to live. I am not usually one to ask for help but we all need help from time to time. Your help with funding will get us bank on track. It would also allow me to make larger payments on my gas bill to get that current also. My goal for 2019 has been to put myself and my daughter in a position where we no longer have to worry about having utilities shut off. With this help it would allow me to take a breath, and get the rest of my financials on track. Thank you so much.

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