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Car Repairs Caused Single Mother to Get Behind, Please Help

My Story:

I am a proud and stubborn woman, but I keep a strong face when I face challenges. I am raising my teenage daughter on my own and I know struggles all too well. This time I may have taken on more than I can handle alone.

My car needed maintenance and upkeep. A vehicle may be a luxury, but for a single mom, it is a necessity. I work 20 miles from home and with traffic it normally takes me 45-60 mins to get to work and I also take my daughter to school. So, this is what keeps my bills paid and food on the table. Due to this car repair, I now need your help with my phone bill.

This situation has left me feeling like I am failing. I thought I was the doing the right thing by keeping my vehicle well cared for so it may last. Your help with this bill will allow me to get all the way caught up and would be so greatly appreciated. It would take some of the weight off my shoulders and help us stay on track financially and my daughter can focus on school.

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