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Working Mother On Leave Due to Surgery, Please Keep Rent Current

My Story:

I am 64 years old. My wife and I have a beautiful and smart 12 year old daughter. She likes to write short stories. Her favorite place to go is the public library. My wife works full time, while I am retired on a fixed income.

Although money is tight, we normally can pay our monthly bills. My wife works full-time with a company that makes plastic moldings for hospital equipment, vending machines, etc. She had a circulation problem in one of her legs. The doctor said it was the aorta that was clogged which was causing this. My wife has had two operations. The first one was not successful. She was on leave from work for a month, only receiving partial income. This set us back a bit. We need your help with our rent.

We have used our money to pay other necessary bills. We need to cover the rent or we will get further behind. I don't know what we'll do. With this funding we will be able to get back on track. We would be very grateful to donors for this. My wife is back to work, so your help will truly put us back on track. We will always be grateful for this. Thank you and may GOD bless.

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