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Broken Ankle, Help Mother/Grandmother With Medical Bill

My Story:

I am a wife and a mother, who works full time as a Senior Administrative Assistant for a start up non-profit organization. I enjoy music, cooking, reading, fishing with my 87 year old father and having bubble and water gun fights with my 4 year old grandson.

Recently, while carrying my sleeping grandson to the car, I fell and broke my ankle. Luckily, my grandson suffered zero injury. I am uninsured and literally have no immediate resources to pay the forthcoming doctors bills that will be associated with surgery and my aftercare. I need Modest Needs assistance for one of my medical bills.

This funding will help us maintain our current expenses. My husband is diligently seeking employment to provide additional income so that we will be able to maintain and have a sense of stability again. Your help would also make a difference in our lives. I would personally use this to make a difference in other lives and to help others when I am back in a financially stable position again.

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