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Couple Needs Help With Household Furniture

My Story:

My girlfriend works part time in the retail business, she works hard to help pay our bills and often does without things she needs to make sure our bills are paid. I am currently on social security disability due to injuries I suffered from a car accident. I have a steel rod in my right leg from breaking it. My girlfriend is also currently studying to take her SAT exam so she can go back to school.

We make just enough money each month to help pay the bills, but we do not have anything left over for savings or emergencies. We are in need of a bed. My girlfriend sleeps on a recliner chair and I sleep on the floor. We are also in need of other furniture as well like a couch. The need for a bed is dire because my girlfriend has a problem with her back, which sleeping on a chair is making worse. We are asking for your help in the purchasing of these items.

Financially, this would help us to be able to afford other smaller things that we need with the extra money. Personally it would help us have a comfortable place to sleep and a more comfortable place for me to sit during the day. Your help would mean so much to us. Thank you.

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