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Her Sister Had a Brain Aneurysm, Please Help Single Mother Keep Car

My Story:

I am single parent of two children. I have an 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter. They both enjoy playing sports and being outside. I work full time at an agency that provides services for individuals with developmental disabilities. I enjoy caring for others on a daily basis.

Recently, my sister had a brain aneurysm which caused me to miss a month of work. I didn't have enough sick leave or personal time to cover the days. My check was docked three times and I have been struggling trying to catch up on my bills since then. I am asking Modest Needs to help me with my car note.

This funding will help me keep my car and safely drive my kids from and to school. It will provide me peace of mind and lessen my worries. Your assistance would be a god send during this time.

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