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Changed My Job to Care for Sick Father But it Fell Through, Please Help Bridge Gap

My Story:

I am a single, 28 year old woman who lives by herself. I provide in home therapy to a child with autism and teach college level intro to psychology at a career college. I have a Masters degree in Psychology and was recently admitted into a specialist degree program in School Psychology and will be moving to Miami in August.

My dad has been diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney failure and in order to be more available to him and my mom I found another job that would allow me a more flexible schedule. Once I had been guaranteed the other job and submitted all my paperwork to them, I quit my job as an autism/special needs teacher. The job I had accepted and was expecting to start took 2.5 months to go through my approval and then came back and told me I did not actually meet state qualifications for approval. I had 2 months worth of savings that has run out. I then had to scramble to find alternative employment and now have two part time jobs but I am behind. I need your help with my phone bill.

After the month of June I will be temporarily moving in with my family to alleviate my financial burden but until then I just need your help this month as I work to get back on my feet. This funding will bring me current and will give me the time I need to work on getting my apartment properly packed up, put in storage and help me get back on track to financial success. Thank you so much.

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