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Help Disabled Veteran Walk in Her Ph.D Graduation Ceremony

My Story:

I am a 24 year active duty combat veteran who is permanently disabled and has PTSD. For the past 7 years, I have spent countless hours studying,1500 hours for practicum field experience, 2000 hours of internship and 2.5 years of writing my dissertation, all while suffering from PTSD, depression anxiety, migraine headaches, and panic attacks. That hard work has finally paid off I just completed all the requirements for a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology ( Ph.D.) I published my dissertation and I am very proud of this accomplishment. This is a major milestone for my entire family. I would love to walk across the stage and represent my family legacy.

My income is sufficient to cover my monthly bills, but the extra cost to pay for all the graduation ceremony and fees would place me in a financial bind. I am requesting your help to cover the expenses to attend the graduation ceremony. Not attending the graduation ceremony would be quite devastating and depressing as I have worked so hard for this.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would be heart broken if I miss it. We only graduate once with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology and this funding would mean the world to me. Thank you.

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