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Family of 4 Needs URGENT Auto Repairs ASAP!

My Story:

I am a married mother of two kids, a 1 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. My husband is a Marine Corps Veteran and a current Police Officer. I was a 911 dispatcher before we had our second child and decided to stay home to raise our children. We are blessed with our two year old girl who is so smart, easy-going and a perfect big sister. She loves being outside and playing with her dog Jamie. Our little boy is a fearless daredevil and the best cuddle bug.

Since becoming a single income family we have had to make a lot of sacrifices and are living paycheck to paycheck to keep up with bills. We now need car repairs and our vehicle is not drive-able until the necessary repairs are made .This is our only form of transportation, we are already struggling to make ends meet and the repair would cost us an entire paycheck leaving us with nothing to live on. My husband is having difficulty finding rides to work and has had to miss work multiple times already, and I have no way to go to the grocery store to get necessities. We need assistance so that we can repair our truck ASAP so that my husband can get to work with no issues. Each day it is delayed is costing us fees.

The help from Modest Needs would take so much stress off of our family by getting the repairs our vehicle needs. Right now we are stuck and honestly we don't know what the right answer would be if we don't receive any help. When my children are older I want to be able to tell them of the good in the world and we would use this as an example to the kindness of strangers.

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