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Help Single Mother Keep Vehicle After Medical Bills

My Story:

I am a single mother, living with my wonderful 3 year old son. My son is caring, loving, energetic and loves playing with cars and trucks. I work full time as a Histology Lab Assistant at a dermatology lab. I earn enough to pay my month to month expenses, but we are living pay check to pay check.

I fell in a small bind which could end up having huge effects. I had to pay some unexpected medical bills which caused me to get behind on my car payment. I am asking Modest Needs to help pay for my car note which is one month late. I am unable to make this payment at the moment and it worries me a lot, but I try to stay strong for my son.

This funding will allow me to become current on this expense as well as have peace of mind. I have been so overwhelmed. This will potentially allow me to start building up my savings for my son and I. I appreciate Modest Needs for giving me an opportunity like this. God bless you.

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